Rosie Murillo

Storyboard Artist + Revisionist


Popcorn Movie - 2021

Two popcorn buddies are excited to see the latest Romantic Sci-Fi flick.

Night Owl School - 2020

Three little owls are starting their first night of homeschool with their mother‚
and Owlette's anxiety starts to get the better of her.

Mimi's Task - 2019

When the baby won't stop crying‚
it's up to Mimi the Panda Bear to find mom and dad.

About Me

Hello! My name is Rosie‚ and I'm a storyboard artist from Los Angeles‚ CA.
‚Äč I like mermaids‚ crochet‚ autumn aesthetics‚ and everything purple.
Reach out at if you think I'm a good fit for your show!


Freelance Story Artist | Pencilmation | 2020-Present

Produce storyboards for animated shorts.

Moderator/Volunteer | Lightbox Expo | 2019-2020

Tasked with assisting at the artist alley‚ and moderating the Discord for LBX 2020 Online.

Illustrator | A. Rivas Media | 2020

Tasked with illustrating poster for short film.

Animator | CSUF Theater | 2018

Produced projection animation for theatrical performance of The Little Mermaid.

Volunteer | Creative Talent Network Expo | 2014-2017

Provided assistance for guests‚ artists‚ and presenters at CTN Expo.


Cal State University Fullerton (2018)

BFA in Entertainment/Animation

Rio Hondo (2015)

Associate of Science in Animation

California College of the Arts (Summer 2016)

Story intensive program with Pixar mentors


Photoshop‚ Storyboard Pro‚ Adobe Premiere‚ Adobe After Effects‚
Illustrator‚ Shotgun Studio‚ Wacom Cintiq